Jason Orange

jason-take-thatJason Orange is best known for his singing career. He was a member of Take That, a British boy band that was at the peak of its popularity during the 90’s. He also worked as a dancer and actor.

The beginning of Jason’s career was marked by Street Machine, a breakdancing group from Manchester. It was during the 80’s, when he was still in his teens, that he started his dancing career. After that, he worked as a featured dancer on The Hit Man and Her, a late night TV show.

In 1990, Jason joined Take That. The band soon became one of the most popular British bands ever. As one of the members, Jason became famous as well, although he spent more time in the background, at least compared to others. The boy band that consisted of five members fell apart after six years, leaving a significant number of hits. It was then that Jason started considering an acting career. His first role was in Killer Net, a TV thriller from 1998, and it was followed by a lead role in a London production of Gob. Apart from an appearance in Shameless in 2013, Jason stopped acting after his first theatre gig.

The year 2005 was marked by the reunion of Take That in which Jason Orange participated as well. The second time he contributed not only as a back vocal, but also as a lead singer and a songwriter. Nine years after the reunion, he decided to leave the band. The reasons behind that decision are still a subject of discussion, at least among the fans. Since he openly admitted to not feeling worthy of the band, some say that it was the lack of confidence. Others speculate that the life of a pop star was never the right choice for him, especially because he liked to keep his private matters out of the peering and inquisitive eyes of the general public.

The band had released three studio albums before Jason announced that he was leaving. That was in 2014, and Jason Orange hasn’t appeared on stage ever since.