jason-orangeJason Orange is a singer, dancer and actor best known for being a part of Take That, one of the most popular British bands ever.

Jason was born in 1970 to a Mormon couple that lived in Crumpsall, England. He had five brothers and three half-sisters. After he graduated from South Manchester High School, he went on to study painting and decorating. When he was still a teenager, he started his dancing career as a member of a breakdancing group called Street Machine. This won him a part on The Hit Man and Her, a TV dance show, where he was a featured dancer.

The year 1990 was marked by the forming of Take That, a new British boy band that soon became very popular. Jason was one of the five singers who were chosen to be a part of the band, which made him famous almost instantly. He spent the following six years playing and touring with the band, but his role was reduced to the one of a back vocal and dancer. In 1996, Take That fell apart.

After his band stopped making new music, Jason decided to try acting. In 1998, he got a role on a TV miniseries called Killer Net. His only role after this one was a lead role in a theatre production of Gob. In 2013, he also appeared in an episode of Shameless, after which he completely quit acting.

In 2005, the members of Take That, including Jason, decided to get back on stage. This time, however, he spent more time in the spotlight. Orange wrote some songs and even performed as a lead singer during the reunion tour, when he sang the “Wooden Boat”. The band released three more albums and the members were getting along quite well, but in 2014, Jason suddenly announced that he wanted to leave the band. Although they tried, his friends couldn’t make him change his mind. He never revealed his reasons for this decision, but this didn’t come as a surprise for the fans, since Jason is probably best known for successfully keeping his private life out of the eyes of the public.