Jason and Take That

take-thatJason Orange had been breakdancing for some time when he auditioned for Kick It (later to become Take That). As the band was formed, dancing was his primary role (he actually did not even sing the back vocals during the original run from 1990 to 1996). The band was orbiting around Gary Barlow whose musical inclinations provided a basis for the band. However, it was the energetic and hyped movements of Jason Orange and Howard Donald which caught the eyes while the ears were listening to Barlow accompanied by Mark Owen and Robbie Williams. They were all still pretty young during the 90s when they were catapulted to the stars. When Robbie Williams’s drug abuse begun to influence bands ability to fulfill their obligations, it was Jason Orange who persuaded him to depart from the band (for the benefit of both sides).

During their first live tour in 1995, Take That was often praised for their performances (vocal as well as visual). Their ballads and pop singles charged with a dance beat took over the (mostly teenage) world. However, the band decided to part way in 1996 and released a Greatest Hits farewell album.

Almost ten years later, after the shooting of a documentary movie on the band, Barlow, Owen, Orange and Donald decide to give it a one more chance (especially after the commercial and critical success of the documentary). From the first new single, Take That caused a frenzy among old and new fans and received an almost unanimous song of praise from the critics. The band became a little less Barlow-oriented and now all the members participated in the vocals. Jason Orange commented how he felt he finally got a voice he did not have in the first run. However, although the band proceeded with making albums and developing their musical orientations and paths, Jason seems to have been unsure about his willingness to be a part of the industry. The band members ensured him to give it a try. A few years later, in September of 2014, Jason announced he was withdrawing from Take That. The band members expressed sincere grief for the occurrence and the parting was amicable on both sides.