jasonNigel Martin Smith decided to assemble a British vocal group in 1989. A boy band consisting of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams was formed and begun to perform in 1990. The first single commercially released was Do What You Like with Waiting Around on the B side. After signing with RCA Records Promises single was released (with Do What U Like on the B side). However, it was the remake of a 1975 TAVARIS hit It Only Takes A Minute which marked a key point in the rise of bands’ popularity (reaching No 7 on UK Singles Chart).

A few hit singles later, the band recorded their debut album Take That & Party in 1992. The album reached No 2 on the UK Top 75 and held position in the chart for almost a year and a half. The second album Everything Changes was released in 1994 and reached No 1 on the UK Albums Chart. In May 1995 Nobody Else was introduced to the public and included their most popular song Back For Good. The album was released in Europe, Asia and North America casting the band to universal stardom. The following year brought disbandment which was to last up until 2006. After the decision for the reunion has been made and the Never Forgot compilation of old hits came out, some changes were incorporated and Beautiful World was released (with hit singles Patience and Shine).

All of the members sang lead on at least one single (for Jason Orange it was the Wooden Boat) which was a move made forward from the past. After exceptional reception from the critics and the public, Take That continues with their fifth studio album in 2008. The Circus brought several worldwide hits (such as Greatest Day) and a first live album – The Greatest Day – Take That Presents: The Circus Live. In 2010 the band released Progress which came to be the last studio album featuring Jason Orange (and the first one including Robbie Williams since his departure from the band in 1995). The album made a step towards electronic dance style and was well accepted (and followed by an extended play in 2011 – Progressed).